Re-energize and Re-engage Your Employees

September 25, 2017

Every business, from time to time, hits a lull in employee engagement. Whether it’s the proverbial post-holiday doldrums, the tail end of your own busy season, or a case of extreme spring-fever, at times it can be tough to motivate staff and raise energy levels. So, if you are experiencing some employee disconnect, here are a few tips to put the spring back in your team’s step—and boost the productivity of your business.

Make your vision known…always
Staff like to have a goal to aspire to—and a shared vision of where your business is going can be a strong motivational force. By sharing your vision, and reminding your team periodically about the important role they play in it, you can quickly energize a depleted workforce.

If you love them…let them go (and don’t hover)
Micromanaging tends to be highly counterproductive in most workplaces. A hovering boss most often translates into: “You don’t trust me to do my work.”  Try stepping back and letting your employees’ creativity and morale soar. Offering a little freedom brings with it feelings of empowerment—which leads to a more engaged staff.

Ongoing education never hurt anyone
When it comes to energizing your team, providing periodic learning opportunities can be very effective. Giving employees the chance to sharpen their skills not only improves your business, but your willingness to invest in staff will also elevate their enthusiasm to produce superior work.

Spread the love
Encouragement is a powerful elixir for increasing employee engagement. Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do. So, be sure to recognize people on your team, even informally, as often as possible.

Don’t allow your business to suffer during periods of low-energy staff. Follow these tips to help keep your employees energized and engaged all year.

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