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The first step to growing your practice is attracting new clients. Your website, social media, and marketing efforts are all designed to encourage potential clients to contact your office. To convert this interest into appointments, you’ve likely invested time in selecting and training the team members who answer the phones during office hours. But have you considered what happens when a prospective client calls when your practice is closed?

If someone calls your office for information about a service or to compare options, they might decide to call back during business hours. Chances are, they weren’t ready to schedule an appointment at the time of the call, so they may accept the delay and still call back. However, a new or current client with an urgent need is far more likely to hang up and call another firm that has someone available to assist them immediately.

Many practices don’t provide phone coverage outside of their operating hours or during lunch breaks. Others rely on an impersonal answering machine advising callers of the practice hours and perhaps offering to record a message. This can be extremely frustrating for clients, both current and prospective.

If a client realizes on a Friday afternoon or evening that they need to reschedule an appointment set for Monday morning, chances are that message won’t be heard until it’s too late to move another client into the opening. If your phones are answered outside working hours, this can be addressed much more promptly, leading to better scheduling and happier clients.

You might be wondering how to arrange for 24/7 phone coverage. There are a few options available, but one of the most economical and personal for your practice is to train some of your team members to share the responsibility. No one has better knowledge of your practice, your clients, and your schedule than your own team. Decide on the best way to compensate them for the added time, such as paying a set amount per weekend or evening or per call answered.

Once this is determined, arrange a rotation for the team members who will participate. Your main phone line can be forwarded to a practice-owned mobile phone during off-hours, which can be held by the team member on call. Ensure that each person has your after-hours contact information in case of an emergency, especially when you are first launching this system.

After a few months, hold a meeting with all involved team members to review the number of after-hours calls you receive, the most common times, and how many are converted into new appointments. This can help you evaluate the ROI for this new plan of action and determine whether your practice benefits from full 24/7 coverage or if a more limited extension of hours is more cost-effective.

At Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent, your trusted Hoover CPA, we understand the importance of being available to our clients. Implementing after-hours phone coverage can significantly enhance client satisfaction and ensure that you never miss an opportunity to serve and grow your practice. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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