Maximizing Profitability Through Real Estate - August edition

August 18, 2021



As our firm continues our 2021 series of Maximizing Profitability Through Real Estate, our August edition explores “Why Landlords Love Lease Renewals”. These articles are published by one of Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent's most trusted vendor partners in the Dental Industry, CARR.


In part seven of this Series, Alabama | CARR Agent | Kyle Church gives us information on why landlords love lease renewals. Commercial real estate landlords operate their buildings like any savvy business owner operates their company – with a focus on maximizing their profitability. One of the top ways they maintain and increase profitability is through lease renewal negotiations. A landlord’s goal during renewal negotiations is to maintain annual escalations of 2.5-3%, prevent any vacancy, provide the least amount of concessions and increase the lease rate. To accomplish this, landlords use specific tactics to keep tenants in the dark, uneducated, and often backed into a corner.


Choosing a healthcare real estate agent is vital in your lease or purchase negotiations, whether temporary or long term. It will save significant money, time, and headache. Having someone that you trust to have your back when making these decisions is paramount. Landlords and landlord agents are sophisticated and extremely well versed at their craft in maximizing their profits via you. Making sure you have a firm who does thousands of these transactions each year representing you can be the difference in leaving thousands on the table.


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Whether you are evaluating a lease renewal in your current space, exercising certain options within your lease, evaluating your current space vs. what the market bears, having a team of experts guide you in your next CRE transaction can be the difference in achieving the best terms possible.


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CARR has represented many of our clients over the past several years nationwide, and the results have been phenomenal. Because of their expertise and CRE concepts, we have seen our clients save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their new lease, lease renewal, and purchase negotiations.


The best part about CARR being a tenant/buyer only CRE firm is their cost to you is zero – yes, you read that correctly, ZERO. As a leader in the Dental CPA Market, a scenario to where we can save our clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, while costing them zero, is a win-win for our clients.


Kyle Church:
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About CARR: CARR is a double-niche commercial real estate (CRE) firm that only represents tenants and buyers in the Healthcare space. This is an extremely unique position for a CRE firm in that - as a single agent to our client (the tenant in a lease scenario; and a buyer in an acquisition scenario) their sole fiduciary throughout the transaction is to you. CARR has zero conflicts of interests in your CRE needs in that CARR does not list, or sell, properties – meaning that when CARR represents you in evaluating your options in the market, they will not show you options that could potentially conflict with your best interests.

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